Monster Hunter Tri

File Name:Monster Hunter Tri.zip
Console/System:Nintendo Wii
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:2009

Monster Hunter Tri ROM Download for Nintendo Wii


Adventure and role-playing video games have acquired the attention of large masses in this decade. Most people prefer to play extensive storyline games with different customizable characters. If you are one of those role-playing game fans, then we would like to recommend you to one of the best video games in this genre, and that's MONSTER HUNTER TRI!


Here is everything you need to know about this game 'Monster Hunter Tri' and how you can play that game on your computer.

Game Play

This game was the third sequel to the Monster Hunter video games series. In this game, the player assumes a monster-slayer character who defeats other monsters in each level to save his village from those monsters. Once the monsters are defeated, they turn into resources which the player can use to build his village by doing activities like farming, fishing, etc.

At each level, while defeating the opponent monster, the player has to reduce the opponent's life bar to beat them. The player can select any weapon from a variety of different weapons, which gets unlocked as the game progresses.



Best Emulator for Monster Hunter Tri game ROM

To play the ROM of Monster Hunter Tri on PC, the user must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game is the Nintendo Wii. Gamers must download the corresponding emulator too.


There are plenty of Nintendo Wii emulators available online. Here are our best picks of Nintendo Wii emulators:



It must be noted that the user needs 64-bit Windows with an OS version 7 along with the latest GPU Drivers on Nvidia or AMD.



Similar Games

Three games you will certainly love if you like Monster Hunter Tri. They are:

  1. Monster Hunter: World: This is the next update in the Monster Hunter Tri video gaming series. This version features new maps and tools for battles and building the village based on the same storyline.

  2. Monster Hunter Rise: This is another update in the Monster Hunter video gaming series featuring new weapons, characters, and open-world graphics.

  3. Monster Hunter 4: This version of the Monster Hunter tri game presents new challenges and maps with a new storyline for its users. This game can be played on an N3DS emulator.


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