Super Mario Galaxy 2

File Name:Super Mario Galaxy 2 [SB4E01].7z
Console/System:Nintendo Wii
Year of release:2009

Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM - Download for the Nintendo Wii 


Super Mario Galaxy 2, released in 2010 is a type of platform video game and a sequel to the Super Mario Galaxy. Nintendo developed and published the game for the Wii. 


The game revolves around Mario, the main protagonist. He pursues Bowser, the Koopa King into outer space where he took control of the universe by using the Grand Stars and Power Stars and also where he has imprisoned Princess Peach. Here, the player Mario needs to travel around several Galaxies to retrieve the Power Stars to progress to the universe's center and save Princess Peach.


There are various levels in the game which are grouped and called galaxies along with a 3D planet. Each galaxy and Planets in the game have different climates, sizes, themes, and landscapes. Also, the player can access the galaxies with the help of the Map system.


The player has several unique abilities such as wall jumps, Spin attacks, a variety of somersaults and long jumps. 


Best Emulator for Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM


To run Super Mario Galaxy 2 on your device, you have to run an emulator called Nintendo Wii. You can run Nintendo Wii emulators on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux. Some of the famous Nintendo Wii emulators are Whinecube, Dolphin, Dolwin, GCube, CubeSX, SuperGCube, GCEmu and much more. 


Similar Games


In Super Mario's series, there are many other games that you might like and have similar gameplay as Super Mario Galaxy 2. Few of the games which you can check out are listed below. 


  1. Super Mario 3D Land
    Super Mario 3D Land is a type of platform video game. It is unique from the rest of the Mario games because they combined both modern free-roaming 3D Mario games and traditional 2D Mario side-scrolling games. The game has a similar objective from the previous Mario games, to save Princess Peach from the antagonist. Here the player gets some traditional items such as Fire Flower, Starman, and the Super Mushroom. 

  2. New Super Mario Bros. 2
    New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a sequel to the New Super Mario Bros. and the third game in the series. One of the new focuses the game has is the heavier emphasis on collecting the coins other than just saving Princess Peach. The game also features a new mode which is specialized and is called Coin Rush, which helps the players to complete the levels along with collecting many coins quickly. 

  3. Super Mario Maker
    Super Mario Maker is a type of side-scrolling game where the players can create custom boards on their own and play based on the games such as Super Mario Bros. 3, New Super Mario Bros. U & Super Mario Bros. The gameplay mechanics and enemy behaviour vary within the game modes. Here, some of the elements are limited to particular game styles whereas some can be added to game styles that earlier did not have in the original game, such as the Boos in Super Mario Bros.
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