Wii Sports Resort

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File Name: Wii Sports Resort [RZTE01].7z
Console/System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Sports
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2009
Downloads: 9752

Wii Sports Resort ROM Download for Nintendo Wii


Sports video games have altogether different fan-bases due to the adventure and thrill it offers to its players. If you love sports video games, we recommend checking the Wii Sports Resort. 

Here is everything you need to know about this game ‘Wii Sports Resort’ and how you can play that game on your computer.


This game is a sequel to the Wii Sports series and this time offers its players to play a different sport in a resort named ‘Wuhu Island.’ Wii Sports Resort provides its players with 12 marks, including- Table Tennis, Swordplay, Frisbee, Archery, Basketball, Golf, Bowling, among others, which you can play using the Wii Remote.


In this sequel of Wii Sports, the graphics of Wuhu Island includes luring sports arenas, hotels, castles, rock formations to provide excellent sports graphics. Additionally, this game offers exceptional control ability, enabling players while playing table tennis to spin the ball by titling Wii Remote and while playing archery to control bowstrings by holding the Wii Remote vertically smoothly. Through the Wii Sports Resort game, one can enjoy different sports video games in one setup with excellent graphics and smooth controls.



  1. Twelve sports are available on one platform.
  2. Excellent visualization of the sports arena.
  3. Greater compatibility with smooth controls.
  4. Customizable controls for each sport.

Best Emulator for Wii Sports Resort ROM

To play the Wii Sports Resort ROM on PC, the player must download the Nintendo Wii emulator on the roms-download.com. Wii Sports Resort is available in 630 MB file size, which is to be downloaded on your PC.


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