Dragon Ball Z - Infinite World

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File Name: Dragon Ball Z - Infinite World (USA).7z
Console/System: PS2
Genre: Fighting
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2008
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Dragon Ball Z - Infinite World ROM Download for PS2


It is a fighting video game based on the manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z, released for the PlayStation 2. There are Forty Two playable characters and the player's pit one against the other character from the Dragon Ball franchise. There are three modes in the game: Dragon Mission, Dragon Duel, and Fighter's Road; Dragon Mission is the game story mode that takes the players' dragon ball Z saga episodes. Dragon Duel is the two-player versus mode. The players can fight a computer opponent or a friend with any of the game's warriors. The Fighter's Road is a private mode that the players can unlock after playing the Dragon Mission. It's not that different from the Dragon Mission mode, in that the player guides a character from one fight to another on an overworld map, but it also gives a chance to unlock new warriors. The players take control of Goku and guide him along an overworld map to activate mini-games and battles. Zeni, the money, gets upgrades for the character. As the game moves forward, the bosses get increasingly tricky.



In the game, the players control characters from the Dragon Ball series and battle it out. The story mode is shown as a map with different missions' icons. Players as Goku travel around and walk or run to an available mission icon. These missions have varied from legal battles to mini-games such as races to reach a destination, on-foot searches, first-person shooters and more. There are skill capsules that allow players to customise characters with various attributes and special techniques. The fighter's rod mode is only available only if the players meet specific goals. 


Best Emulator for Dragon Ball Z - Infinite World

When choosing the PlayStation 2 emulator for this game, then PCSX2 is the popular choice. It is one of the PS2 emulators with good compatibility. Also, it consists of features like 4K resolutions, texture filtering, increase/decrease the game speed, saves states, gameplay recording and anti-aliasing. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux. 

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