Kingdom Hearts

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File Name: Kingdom Hearts (USA).7z
Console/System: PS2
Genre: Role Playing
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2005
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Kingdom Hearts ROM Download for PS2


If you love action and role-playing games, then Kingdom Hearts might become your next favourite. Kingdom Hearts was released in March 2002 and was developed by Square. As you move ahead in the game, your characters pick up spells, levels, and uncommon capacities as they continue in their journey, and you can make a special effort to discover unique things or return to town and shop for better hardware. However, you would be able to witness a real-time action-based game which will satisfy your hunger for action.


Game Plot


There are three characters involved in the main battle, which includes: Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck. While playing this game, you can control Sora without any difficulty from a third individual camera angle. In many regions of the game the party comprises Donald and Goofy, yet essentially every level highlights a character who may take their place.

The game advances directly starting with one story occasion then onto the next, generally introduced as a cutscene. There are numerous activities and various side journeys accessible in the game, which give advantages to the characters. While playing, you can select the systematic approach in which you want to handle a few territories in the game. A large portion of the theme of the game consists of interconnected field maps. Usually on these maps fights to take place. Battle in Kingdom Hearts happens continuously and includes a straightforward control system with which you can easily play.


Best Emulator Kindom Hearts 


PCXS2 is one of the finest PS2 emulators to run PlayStation games on your PCs and other devices. It is an open-source, and free PS2 emulator developed especially for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, macOS, and many more. PCSX2 emulator is prepared with increased clarity to offer excellent portability and speed. It was initially launched on March 23, 2002, under the license GNU/GPL. PCSX2 provides 3D gameplay specifications that are enhancements over the PS2 abilities, like higher screen resolutions, image scaling, support for shaders, and much more. Other PS2 emulators are PS2emu, NeutrinoSX2.


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