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File Name: Daxter (USA).zip
Console/System: PSP
Genre: Platform
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2006
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Daxter ROM Download for PSP

It is a platform video game released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a spin-off of the Jak and Daxter series and takes place during the two-year period that occurs on the opening scene of Jak II. This game focuses on Daxter, unlike other games of the series where the protagonist is Jak. Jak has been captured, and right before that, Daxter went away and promised to save Jak. Now, after two years and Daxter has gained the courage to rescue his friend. He is on his adventure to protect Haven City from wicked and devious bugs.




The primary weapon of Daxter is an electric flyswatter, which the player uses to attack the swarm of bugs. In addition to this, the player has a bug pesticide disperser that allows the player to spray green gas in the face of the creepy bugs. Every 18 levels have several objectives to complete. The main goal is to kill the enemies, destroy insect hives, or collect objects. There is also an option of secondary objectives, but players mainly have to complete the primary goal to progress in the story. Each bug the player kill leaves a gold orb. The player can collect Precursor Orbs and green glowing orbs that refill the gas in the pesticide gun. Precursor Orbs opens up dream sequences in which Daxter takes a nap and has a dream where he beats the opposing force and comes across as a total hero. These dream sequences take inspiration from famous movie series such as Braveheart, Indiana Jones, and The Matrix. The game is a mixture of 3D platforming and new gameplay elements with beautiful presentation and the humor of Daxter.



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