Dissidia - Final Fantasy

File Name:Dissidia - Final Fantasy (USA).zip
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:2008

Dissidia - Final Fantasy ROM Download for PSP


Dissidia - Final Fantasy is a battling video game with action RPG components created and distributed by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. It was launched in Japan in 2008. The game highlights characters from various Final Fantasy games and focuses on an extraordinary clash between Cosmos.


Dissidia Final Fantasy has sold more than 8 million copies in Japan, making it the third best-selling game for Japan's PSP. Overall, it was applauded across the world and was well received by the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu with an individual score of 78/100, acquiring a spot in its "Platinum Hall of Fame" feature and "Best Picks of This Week."




In the game, the player controls the ten fighters selected by Cosmos, the heroes from the initial ten Final Fantasy games, in their journey. The game's English and global versions also offer other features such as arcade mode. It has a wireless one-on-one multiplayer mode, and the battles revolve around utilizing individual special abilities of characters to harm rivals. Players can also upgrade their characters with various equipments.


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Dissidia - Final Fantasy is an activity-based battling game that requires a snappy association of the player with the game's interactivity. To accomplish this immediate connection, there is no preferred emulator for PSP. Whether you need to play Dissidia - Final Fantasy or some other round of a similar sort on your computer, smartphone, or other gadgets, you can do as such with a PSP emulator that upholds various types of consoles. Save your game's advancement at whatever point you need and appreciate high similarity with the PSP emulator. Contingent on your working framework decision, you can pick your PSP emulators like RetroArch, BizHawk, PCSX, OpenEmu, and many more.


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