God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta

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Year of release: 2010
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God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta ROM Download for PSP


God of War: Ghost of Sparta, released in the year 2010, is an action-adventure game that comes under the sixth installment in the series of God of War. Ready at Dawn developed the game, and Sony Computer Entertainment published it for the PlayStation Portable. It is based on Greek mythology and takes place in ancient Greece with revenge as its central theme. 


The player here takes control of Kratos, who is the God of War. He is tormented by his human's nightmares and chooses to traverse his origins. After the resentment from Deimos, his sibling, who he later discovers, the brothers team up to encounter the God of Death, Thanatos.




The game mainly focuses on a combo-based battle that is achieved through players' Blades of Athena, which is his primary weapon and another secondary weapon. The game also features quick time events that need the player to perform various game controllers in a timed order to conquer more powerful bosses and enemies. The player can even use a power-enhancing ability and magical attacks three times as an alternative battle option. Additionally, the game features platforming elements and puzzles. 



Best Emulator For God of War - Ghost Of Sparta ROM


If you want to play the God of War - Ghost Of Sparta, then you need to download and install a PlayStation Portable emulator on your device. Some of the best PlayStation Portable emulators that support on Microsoft Windows platform include JPCSP, RetroArch, and PPSSPP. Among these, you can run JPCSP and PPSSPP on MAC platforms too. 


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  2. God of War: Betrayal
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  3. God of War II
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