Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

File Name:Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).zip
Year of release:2008

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ROM Download for PSP

It was released in the year 2008 for PlayStation portable. The game is the expansion of the Monster Hunter Freedom 2. The Monster Hunter series has a cult following. There are different monster species to hunt, unique items to craft and many weapons to learn. This game provides many hours of gameplay. You live in a single town that acts as a centre for many activities; the most important ones send you out into the field. Among these expeditions are slaying quests, where you have to take down numerous monsters, hunting voyages, where you have to tackle down a large beast, and gathering adventures where you must bring someone monster parts herbs, and mushrooms. There's no lack of variety to the encounters because the monster hunter is a mixture of swine, sea creatures, dinosaurs, gorillas, and more.




Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has more number of missions, monsters, and as compared to Monster Hunter Freedom 2. There is an addition of a new Felyne fighter along with the weapons to help players in their journey. Players can now grasp up to ninety-nine of each article type in the item boxes and get ten tools pages instead of six. Epic Hunting Quest is a new quest introduced in this game. It allows the players to take on up to four different monsters in a single quest. Weapons can now have higher sharpness. In the gathering hall, players receive the quest, and outside the gathering hall, they can obtain a new elder quest from a Felyne alongside the village elder. On the PSP system, the introduction of new monsters like Ukanlos is with even more creatures than the last Monster Hunter Freedom 2.




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