Star Wars - Battlefront II

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Star Wars - Battlefront II ROM Download for PSP


Star Wars – Battlefront II is an action-shooter video game where the concept is like the Star Wars franchise. This game is the 4th instalment in the Star Wars – Battlefront series. Initially launched in 2017 for the PSP, this game is designed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Star Wars comes with both single-player and multiplayer game modes where the game story is fascinating. This game received mixed reviews from critics, where the multiplayer mode, balancing, and the gameplay is praised at a macro level. Regular free title updates for the game were given to the users, just after its release, to increase the reputation and reach of the game to more and more people.




The gameplay is divided into two primary sections: space battles and ground battles where the player controls the campaign's protagonist Iden Versio, the commander of Inferno Squad. This squad also includes Gideon Husk and Del Meeko. Here, in this game, Iden Versio is apprehended by the Rebel Alliance and interrogated for the secret codes which can be used to unlock an Imperial transmission. There are a total of 12 online multiplayer modes, where some of the modes are of limited time phrase only. This game also features three single-player game modes.  


Best Emulator for Star Wars - Battlefront II


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