Tekken 6

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Tekken 6 ROM Download for PSP


It's a fighting game and the seventh instalment in the Tekken game series. Bandai Namco released it in the year 2007 for arcades. On November 2009 it was ported to the PlayStation Portable which was produced by Katsuhiro Harada. It's the first fighter game to release for the PlayStation Portable, and it is one of the best game to hit the Sony's Portable. This combination is perfect as PSP has four buttons and the Tekken gameplay also requires four control. So this combo is a beautiful game for the fans of Tekken with two shoulder buttons and four face buttons and a directional pad. It introduces the most wide-ranging roster, refined gameplay that will allow both newcomers and veterans to enjoy this game. For fans of the series it's the complete Tekken experience and for newbies this a fantastic introduction to the series. 

Game plot

In Tekken 6 world situations have escalated to a disturbing scenario. Jin Kazama, the new chief of the Mishima Zaibatsu, rides high on power and declares that he will fight anyone who opposes him, this leads to too many conflicts around the area. Kazuya Mishima, his father, is the leader of the G Corporation and opposes his son for his actions. To end this matter, Jin declares an Iron Fist tournament to defeat his father once and for all. All the fighter around the globe come together to take part in this battle. 


  1. Ghost Battles Mode
    In this mode, you fight against a stable stream of ghosts or AI opponents that have different ranks. After the battle ends you get a list of three opponents, and you can use the D-pad to select, or you can complete the Ghost Battle. After every victory, you will receive a money reward.

  2. New Characters
    There are six new characters added in the series. They are Leo, a German martial arts fighter, Bob, a fast American fighter, Zafina, member of a secret society, Miguel, a Spanish combatant, Lars, who has a connection to Mishima bloodline and Alisa who is a robot. The new faces are decent additions to the game. 

  3. Ad Hoc Multiplayer Mode
    There is a fantastic Ad Hoc multiplayer mode that runs with nearly no lag. Although it takes some time to sync, the matches run without a glitch.

  4. New Fight Combos
    Tekken 6 introduces a new way to cause damage. There is a bound system that allows you to lengthen the combos by smashing the airborne opponent to the ground that leaves him/her vulnerable for extra strikes.

Best Emulator for Tekken 6

Tekken 6 released for the PlayStation Portable console. If you want to play this game on your device, you need to download the PlayStation emulator. One of the best PSP emulators on the market is PPSSPP. It is open-source emulators for Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux. It is easy to use, have the best performance and excellent compatibility.

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