Digimon World 3 [SLUS-01436]

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File Name: Digimon World 3 [NTSC-U] [SLUS-01436].7z
Console/System: PSX
Genre: Role Playing
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2002
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Digimon World 3- [SLUS-01436] ROM Download for PSX 

It's a role-playing game published by Bandai for PlayStation in the year 2002. It's the third instalment in the Digimon world game franchise. The game follows the story of Junior, who starts playing "Digimon Online" with his friends. The terrorists attack Junior, and the other players get trapped within the game and have to find a way out using the Digimon partners. This game was the first in which the players can combat with characters from the first few seasons of Digimon. You take the role of Junior and pick up a set of 3 Digimon. The initial goal is to build Digimon into a challenging fighting element and become the champion of Digimon Online. But later on, you will engage in the fight against cyber-terrorists who threaten the safety of the world. There are many objects that you can achieve throughout the whole journey. The way to go up a level is through combat. The three Digimons will gain more hit points, rise in levels and so on. The best part is that you can make your Digimons to Digivolve into more amazing forms with high statistics and useful techniques.


There are two modes in the game: battle screens and overworld map. In the battle, players control a team of up to three monsters, and they fight against the opposite team. Junior, and his friends Teddy and Ivy, play Digimon Online, and Ivy named herself as Kail. 

But due to an error in the game system, the player gets trapped in the system. The MAGAMI game master blames a hacker Lucky Mouse for this situation. Junior and his friends go to defeat the Lucky Mouse and after their adventurous journey reaches his secret base. Lucky reveals himself as Kail's long-lost brother Kurt who works against A.o. A. He says that MAGAMI works with the A.o.A. Suddenly, the A.o.A. arrives and threatens Kail to give Vemmon the Digi-Egg to them. Kurt refuses, and gets turned into Oinkmon. Junior attacks the Admin Centre, and defeats the Game Master and two of the A.o.A.'s chiefs and learns about their plot. Vemmon then digivolve to Destromon, which allows him in to the real world and thus becomes a threat to the humans. Now, it's up to Junior to save the world.

Best Emulator for Digimon World 3

You will need a PlayStation emulator to play this game, and one of the best PSX emulators is PCSX-Reloaded. It's easy to configure, and it supports most of the game for the classic console. The next emulator which you can use is ePSXe, it has a higher performance rate and works on Linux, Android, as well as Windows. 

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