Spiderman [SLUS-00875]

File Name:Spiderman (U) [SLUS-00875].rar
Year of release:2000

Spiderman [SLUS-00875] ROM Download for PSX


It's an action-adventure video game released in 2000 and is based on the Marvel Comics series The Amazing Spiderman. It was published for PlayStation by Activision using Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Game Engine. The game follows Spiderman's story; his doppelganger has framed him as a criminal, and Spiderman tries to clear his name. He also attempts to prevent a symbiote invasion plan co-ordinated by Doctor Octopus and Carnage. Many villains from the comics can be seen here as the bosses, such as Mysterio, Scorpion, Venom, Rhino, and Doctor Octopus.

Game plot

A transformed Dr. Otto Octavius holds a scientific demonstration when imposter Spiderman attacks and takes away his equipment, and he also shatters Eddie Brock's camera. Spiderman saves James of the Daily Bulge from the scorpion, but James calls the police, and Spiderman gets arrested. He tries to escape from the jail, where Daredevil helps him and promises to spread the news about his innocence. Spiderman receives the information that Venom kidnaps Mary Jane Parker and sets out to rescue her. Along the way, he comes across a Lizard, and he points Spiderman towards Venom's base. Spider-Man defeats Venom and saves Mary. Venom decides to help Spider-Man to find the identity of the impostor. Spider-Man discovers an infestation, in the daily bulge office, of symbiotes and clears them out. He meets the imposter Mysterio and defeats him. He finds out that his boss wants to infest the whole of New York City. He finds out about the symbiote manufacturing operation, stops it, and comes face-to-face with the symbiote invasion's masterminds: Octavius and Carnage. Octavius reveals that he faked his reform with Carnage's symbiote's aid and plans to create a new world conquered by symbiotes. Venom comes and fights Carnage, and Spiderman defeats Doctor Octopus, but Carnage beats Venom, forcing Spider-Man to fight Carnage himself. Later, the symbiote fuses with Doc Ock and creates a vast, out-of-control monster known as Monster Ock. Spiderman escapes from Monster Ock, who gets trapped in an explosion, thus removing the symbiote. Captain America comes and saves Doctor Octopus. In the epilogue. Spider-Man is shown playing cards with Captain America, The Punisher, and Daredevil at the SHIELD headquarters. 

Best Emulator for Spiderman [SLUS-00875]

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