Lords of Thunder (U)

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File Name: Lords of Thunder (U).zip
Console/System: Sega CD
Genre: Shooter
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 1995
Downloads: 389

Lords of Thunder (U) ROM Download for Sega CD


It is a shoot 'em up game released in 1993 by Hudson Soft and Red company and was later ported to Sega CD in 1995. The game exceeds the traditional shooter video game and features a heavy metal fantasy-style setting. It follows a god knight called Landis, who is after the evil Zaggart and his six followers, who have torn the world apart. Lander flies through a total of seven stages. He flies with the help of four special suits of armour. The basis of each of them is an elemental force- Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth and each offers a different style of offence. The Fire Suit throws arcs of flame, Water Suit washes enemies away with waves of water, The Wind Suit sends out lightning bolts, and The Earth Suit launches bombs toward the ground. After the players pick their wardrobe option, they get a choice of the location.



The game presents stages in any order as the players like. At the start, the players get to choose any of the six different levels. The levels themselves represent the graphical variance: from the snow-bound cavern, the greenness of a plant stage, heavily occupied desert, a fortress on top of a cliff, a watery lagoon, and to the hellfire of a volcano. And after the players clear all the six, then the final seventh stage unlocks where the players enter the boss's lair. The boss first enters as a human from the ceiling to the chamber's surface. After a few seconds, he changes into a half-spider half reptile monster. The game is very colourful; the boss's animation is fantastic. The enemies range from water dragons and wizards to crazy things like evil jaw without a face or flying tortoise carriers. The significant part of the game is its sound.


Best Emulator for Lords of Thunder


You will need a Sega CD emulator to play this game. Emulators simulate the various hardware components that you do not have physical access to. Kega Fusion is one of the best Sega emulators for Windows. That means you can play any game made for Sega CD. The game runs very fast, and it also comes with a bunch of features such as online play, gamepad support, cheats support, saves the game, and so on. Another great emulator is Genesis Plus. It runs the game with a high level of accuracy. It has features like an emulation of all sound channels, gamepad support, cheat codes support, and many more.


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