Tails' Adventures

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Console/System: Sega Game Gear
Genre: Action
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1995
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Tails' Adventures ROM Download for Sega Game Gear


Tails' Adventure is a video game distributed by Sega in 1995 and created by Aspect and the Game Gear. The game got a mixed response, with critics seeing the game as unoriginal and very slow-paced compared to the other Sonic games. They also felt that Tails' Adventure was the same as the other stage games, and its moderate speed made it weaker than other Sonic games. Famitsu commented that it came up short on any surprising components and was considerably more standard than other Sonic games.


Game plot

The game starts from Tails of the Sonic the Hedgehog series in a solo adventure. He gathers various items to assist him with exploring Tails Island and destroying the enemies occupying it.

The player controls Tails in a story set before becoming friends with Sonic, as he tries to save Tails Island from an intrusion of the Kukku Army. He can't run; however, he walks at a consistent speed. The player explores twelve non-linear levels, gathers new items, and opens new paths in the previous classes. A sum of 26 items can be collected, including some to destroy the enemies and others to explore.


Best Emulator for Tails’ Adventure

Sega Game Gear is perhaps the most provoking gaming console to imitate. However, with open-source emulators like Mednafen, it gets easy to copy this gaming console. This emulator accompanies a unique Game Gear centre, and subsequently, it is the most precise emulator utilized for running Sega Game Gear games like Sonic 3D Blast on different stages. It underpins BIOS and utilizes a quad-centre Intel Haswell CPU, which helps the fun in the running proficiently on various gadgets. Other emulators that can be utilized to run games for the Sega Game Gear gaming console are Yabause, Kronos, and SSF.


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