Saturn Bomberman (E)

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File Name: Saturn Bomberman (Saturn) (E).rar
Console/System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Maze
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Region: Europe
Year of release: 1997
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Saturn Bomberman (E) ROM Download for Sega Saturn


Saturn Bomberman is an action video game created and distributed by Hudson Soft for the Sega Saturn. It was first launched in Japan on July 19, 1996, in North America. It is most famous for its multiplayer feature for up to ten players.


The game got mixed responses upon its launch, with critics stating that the gameplay is addictive but does not match the previous Bomberman games. Overall, it was applauded across the globe for its multiplayer features and attractive graphics. Reviewing the aggregator website GameSpot gave it a score of 7 out of 10.




Saturn Bomberman features a fight mode as well as a story mode. Alongside them is an expert mode in which the player competes to finish a series of levels, after which the player is given a rank depending upon the time taken to complete the race. This time is then stored in the memory and kept on a scoreboard for future reference. The game also includes some new power-ups. As power-ups are collected, a unique meter at the top of the screen slowly rises. When this meter is full, the dinosaur will grow one level, from child to adolescent or adolescent to adult.


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