Act Raiser

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Year of release:1990
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Act Raiser ROM Download for SNES

Act Raiser, released in the year 1990, is a city-building simulation and platform video game. Quintet developed the game, and Enix published it for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by combining the traditional side-scrolling platformer with the sections of an urban planning god game. The game follows a godlike being known only as The Master in his battle against Tanzra, also known as The Evil One.



The player here plays as The Master, who is the main character; however, he is not directly controlled, so the player communicates with the world by controlling an animated statue and an angel. The player plays as the statue at the time of the action sequences. Whereas plays like an angel at the time of the simulation sequences of the game. The Angel can even communicate with the monsters in the region by shooting them with arrows. The player can even assist the Master by showing where to use miracles and where to build. The game's simulation mode involves guiding the Master to the new civilization for humans' prosperity and protecting them. So, the player needs to take action to grow the population, using lightning, wind, sunlight, earthquakes as miracles, and road planning. 



Best Emulator for Act Raiser ROM


You need to download and install a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on your device if you want to play this game, Act Raiser. A few of the best Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulators you can run are JOHN NES, Nestopia UE, BSNES, OpenEmu, SNES9X, NES.emu, higan, and RetroArch. And, excitingly, you can install RetroArch on all available platforms such as Web, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and Android. 


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  1. ActRaiser 2
    It is the sequel to the original game Act Raiser and is a platform video game, where the plot of the game is different from its predecessor. Like the previous version, the player assumes the role of The Master, who is controlling a floating palace. He aims to examine the people who are there in the world below. The Master now also has a full set of functional wings, which the player must use to avoid several dangers by floating to platforms, falling, jumping, flying, and navigating through dungeons. 

  2. Chrono Trigger
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  3. Aztez 
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