Final Fight 3

The new evil gang takes control of the Metro City. Some new characters are added in this version of the game and all you need to defeat the gang and take care of Metro City to bring back the peace.

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Year of release: 1995
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Final Fight 3 ROM Download for SNES 


Final Fight 3, released in the year 1995, is a side-scrolling beat them up video game and a sequel to Final Fight 2. Capcom developed and published the game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Here, the antagonists, Guy and Haggar, are featured with two new characters named Dean and Lucia. The game's plot takes them through their attempts to get rid of the new Skull Cross gang from Metro City. 




The player can choose between any four of the characters to take control, and here each character has their abilities, which are unique to their roles, a specific set of moves, and techniques. The player has several new skills that were not possible in the former Final Fight games. The player can now even dash jump attacks and perform dashing attacks like in the Capcom beat-em-up Captain Commando. Additionally, the player can also seize enemies from behind and throw attacks, and act holding. Moreover, the player has access to bonus point items, weapons, and health-restoring food saved inside the breakable drums. Also, each character in this game practices with a particular gun. If any player chooses their character's favored weaponry, they get access to a special combo attack exclusive to the character. 


Best Emulator for Final Fight 3 ROM


To play Final Fight 2 ROM on your device, you need to download and install an emulator called Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Some of the best Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulators you can install include OpenEmu, higan, JOHN NES, NES.emu, Nestopia UE, SNES9X, BSNES, and RetroArch. Among these, you can run RetroArch on all platforms such as Android, MAC OS, Web, and Microsoft Windows. 


Similar Games


If you love playing a fighting video game like Final Fight 3, you will also like other games in this series and even games with similar gameplay mechanics. Three of the similar games are listed below for you to check out. 


  1. Final Fight
    It is a beat-them-up, side-scrolling video game, which takes place in the non-fictional Unites States and a fictional Metro City. The player takes control of one character of the three street fighters. The characters include the city mayor Mike Haggar and former pro-wrestler Cody, his daughter's boyfriend, and Guy, who is Cody's rival and daughter's best friend. They are determined to fight with the Mad Gear Gang and save Jessica, Haggar's young daughter, kidnapped by the gang.

  2. Final Fight 2
    Here the two players can fight at the same time, which is different from the previous version. The character from the former game, Mike Haggar, is still there with two new characters named Maki Genryusai and Carlos Miyamoto. Also, the player has two main buttons for actions such as jumping and attacking. 

  3. Final Fight: Streetwise
    The games come under the fourth installment in the Final Fight series, and the game revolves around the character Kyle Travers, who needs to battle a mad priest called Father Bella and the criminal drug Glow.


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