Fire Emblem 5 Trachia 776 (Rom Version) (J)

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Year of release:1999

Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 (Rom Version) (J) ROM Download for SNES 

The most well-known game based on the "tactical-role playing" theme is Fire Emblem series which became a massive success due to its engaging plotline, graphics, and gameplay. If you like the fire Emblem series or if you haven't heard of it then you must continue with the article. You can either continue or start your journey of the Emblem series with Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776. So, here is everything you need to know about Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 (Rom Version) (J) and how to play it on your PC.


Game Plot

The game is part fifth of the Fire Emblem series. The game follows the protagonist, the player control name Leif and his friends are kidnapped. To prevent further destruction of his village and bring back his friends, Leif attempts to defeat the Grannvale Empire.


The gameplay of this game is exactly as Fire Emblem System. The tactical battles take place on grid-based maps where the characters lose energy after performing each action due to a new feature introduced called fatigue system.

The game's main objective is to defeat specific enemies and rescue targets to escape unharmed from engagements. The battle system present in the game is turn-based where each team will take turns to move units across a map using a grid-based layout.

Best Emulator for Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 

To play the ROM of Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 on PC, the user must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).


There are plenty of SNES emulators available online. Here are our best picks of SNES emulators:







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