Gradius III

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Year of release: 1989
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Gradius III ROM Download for SNES 


In the year 1989, Gradius III is a scrolling shooter video game that comes under the third game in the Gradius video games series. Konami developed the game and published it for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was initially released as an arcade game, and later in 1990, the game ported to Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 




The player controls the pilots of starfighters like Vic Viper starfighter to battle the Bacterion Empire's invasions. The game Gradius III has ten levels, where stage 4 is a bonus level, and there, the player controls the Vic Viper on a third-person view and must dodge colliding with walls. Free-floating power-ups are scattered throughout the game even though the level is complete without any enemies. Additionally, there are two hidden levels based on the initial sections of Gradius and Salamander. The game includes the level layouts, enemies that have now become trademarks of the series, and familiar weapons. Unlike the previous games in the series, here, there is no feature called continuation. So, if a player loses their life in the game, the game will be over. Moreover, there is a Beginner Mode in the game, where the player can explore through the first three levels without any difficulty. 


Best Emulator for Gradius III ROM


To play Gradius ROM, you should download and run a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on your device. You can run SNES emulators on mediums such as Linux, MAC, and Microsoft Windows. A few of the best emulators you can run to play Gradius III includes Nestopia UE, SNES9X, BESNES, OpenEmu, higan, NES.emu, JOHN NES, and so on. 


Similar Games


If you loved playing Gradius III, you would also like other games in the Gradius video games series. A few of them are listed below for you! 


  1. Gradius: The Interstellar Assault
    The game is also known as Nemesis II: The Hero's Return, is a horizontal scrolling shooter video game in the Gradius series. The player takes control of Vic Viper and travels through five separate stages destroying Bacterion's army. In the game The Interstellar Assault, the player can use the classic shield, shoot double firepower or lasers, speed-up multiple times, use several options at a time, and use missiles. The game also retains the traditional power-up bar from the first game, Gradius. Additionally, when the game starts or continues, the player gets a "Weapon Select'' screen and can choose between one of the three frames for lasers, missiles, and double firepower. 

  2. Gradius Gaiden
    It is a horizontal-scrolling shooter video game. The players control one of the four different starships on their mission to stop the Bacteria army from damaging the planet Gradius. The gameplay mainly involves collecting power capsules to unlock the entrance to new weapons, shooting down enemies, and avoiding their projectiles. Additionally, many new features are added in this game compared to the core gameplay in the rest of the series. 

  3. Gradius IV
    The game precedes Gradius III, developed with a considerable graphical upgrade and with the use of colored lighting. The game also has many changes in the weapon system from the previous version, like the Edit mode was removed and instead added an online ranking system. Additionally, there are six configurations in this game, where the first four are migrated from Gradius II, and the two new configurations are added in this version. 


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