Harvest Moon

The player goal is to maintain the farm left by his grandfather.Еxcept for keeping the farm working the player must fulfill other side quests to make money.

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File Name: Harvest Moon (USA).zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Role-playing
Filesize: 904.66KB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1996
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Harvest Moon ROM Download for SNES 


We all have spent our quality time playing games where we are baking, selling, cleaning, or cooking something for the customer to like. In the game, we are modifying the place, furniture after receiving coins is such a guilty pleasure. But I know you can't help playing those games. So, if you are looking for a game like the one we just described, then you are in luck because we have a recommendation just for you. It's called HARVEST MOON.

Game Play

The game is part of the Story of Seasons series. It's main objective is for players to produce crops, clearing land, sell harvests, attend festivals, raise livestock, build relationships with villagers, and profit from the farm. The game begins with a young man who has been made in charge of maintaining the farm he inherited from his Grandad. The young man's job is to restore and maintain the farm.

The player can also befriend other villagers.



Some feature of the game include:

Best Emulator for Harvest Moon

To play Harvest Moon on your PC, you need the help of a console and an emulator. Download SNES on your computer and corresponding emulator to run the game file.


Here are our best picks of emulators are:

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