Kirby's Avalanche

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Year of release:1995
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Kirby's Avalanche ROM Download for SNES


Kirby's Avalanche is a puzzle video game co-designed by Compile, HAL Laboratory, and Banpresto and published by Nintendo for SNES gaming console platform. Launched in 1995 both in Europe and North America, there was no Japanese release for this game. It is a customary platform-based Kirby game which you would enjoy. Overall, this game receives positive reviews where the aggregate score is 74% on GameRankings. IGN also awarded 7 points on a scale of 10 to this game. In the game, all the story revolves around Kirby. This game is installed with excellent graphics and fantastic sound effects.




Kirby's Avalanche is a bit different in terms of gameplay as compared to other Kirby games. Here, a bunch of two-coloured bubble balls fall from the top of the screens. The user must rotate and move the balls before they touch the bottom of the screen. As soon as four or more balls of the same colour touch each other, they will disappear. Now, if the user manages to set a series of reactions with these balls, rocks will start falling on another player's screen. The rocks falling depends on the number of balls burst and the number of continuous series reactions. You will lose if either of the medial chains in the top row is filled with a rock or ball.


Best Emulator for Kirby's Avalanche


To play Kirby Avalanche on various platforms, you can use different SNES emulators. One such emulator is Nestopia, which gives HD quality designs and reasonable ongoing interaction when messing around through this emulator. Likewise, as an or more point, this emulator is an open-source venture that implies there are a lot more upgrades to be made. If you need an alternate SNES emulator to take a stab at, you can choose the NESticle Emulator, which depends on a Power PC subsidiary processor. This emulator helps a game to run even more proficiently. Other emulators that can be used to download SNES games are Higan, Snes9x, and FCEUX.


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