Mario Paint (JU) (Joystick)

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File Name: Mario Paint (JU) [h1] (Joystick).zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Art tool
Filesize: 457.68KB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1992
Downloads: 2984

Mario Paint (JU) (Joystick) ROM Download for SNES

If you want to explore your creativity and artistic capabilities, this game is the best platform. Launched in 1992, Nintendo R&D1 Intelligent systems developed this game. Besides the main game, there is also a mini-game, a fly-swatting game known as gnat attack. It would help if you swatted numerous insects before fighting the boss king Watinga. 

Nintendo Power and GamePro have given some positive reviews to this game, considering that the game has no age limit, and a person even with little interest in art would find this game pretty engaging and exciting. AllGame gave this game a score of 5/5, calling it a fantastic game. Stating that this game is very addictive with no limitations and a person playing this game would never get bored, Honest Gamers have given this game some very positive reviews. This unique idea has secured a position on the list of top 200 games of Nintendo.




The gameplay of this game is a collection of programs you can use to create something of your own choice. There are a total of three programs in this game. In the colouring program, you get the options of icons with large and small icon options that you can choose from. Use stamps, create text, draw colour, and make your sprites with a sprite-making program. You can create a unique animation or several animations with different sprites, which only depends on how much you want. Music in the game is equipped with additional notes. This makes it very easy and joyful to create artistic figures. The main components of Mario Paint include Animation land, which is a drawing board, a colouring book with a music composition feature. You can also create a collage in this, which you can save and use later in the game according to your suitability.


Best Emulator for Mario Paint (JU) (Joystick)


SNES mouse control and screen control is best suited for this game as you need effective interaction with the game to make something out of your creativity and imagination. With cross-platform support, you can play many SNES games on various platforms without facing any difficulty or performance issues. If you want to stream your game or even record your it, you can do it with the help of a SNES emulator. The time limit for launching any game on the emulator is much less than other emulators, which allows you to play games instantly. Some SNES emulators for different platforms are RetroArch, Higan, SNES9x, BizHawk, and many more.


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