Mega Man X 3 (EU)

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Year of release:1995
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Mega Man X3 ROM Download for SNES


Mega Man X3, known as Rockman X3 in Japan is a video game released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the third game in the Mega Man X game series. It takes place in a fictional world in which humans, as well as intelligent Robots, inhibit the globe. Like humans, some robots are also involved in crime; they are called Mavericks. If you have played Mega Man X, then you will feel right at home as the gameplay is somewhat similar. You can select any eight Mavericks stages, and as you defeat the Maverick, you will be able to access that robot's special weapon. These weapons are fatal on the Bosses. So the order in which you attack the Maverick stages will affect your fight with the bosses.


The gameplay is similar to the previous Mega Man series. The player takes control of the protagonist X to complete the eight-stages, and each has different obstacles, traps, and enemy robots to fight. Each stage ends in a final boss fight. The X can o run, jump, cling, dash, and fire his "X-Buster" arm cannon. There are capsules in some levels that contains armour pads and new abilities. There are two unique power-ups ‘sub tanks’ for storing energy and ‘heart tanks’ for maximum life extension. There are Ride armour vehicles that you can use in some of the stages. You can also play X's friend Zero. But if zero gets defeated once in the game, then he cannot come for the rest of the game.  

Game plot

The story is in the year 21XX, Dr Doppler has neutralised the Mavericks, with the help of his Neuro computer. He has suppressed the abnormal behaviour of the Reploids and prevented them from going wild. Many of these Reploids were found in Dopple town with Dr Doppler’s as their mentor. But a few months later these neutralised Mavericks began to riot at Mavericks hunters headquarters; they believed that it was all over Dr Doppler’s plan and he is the mastermind. They called X and Zero to stop the Mavericks invasions and captures Dr Doppler.

Rogue Mavericks attack the headquarters and X, and Zero come to save them. They fight many wild Reploids as well as their friend Mac who joins Dr Crusade. X and Zero defeated the Mavericks at the headquarters, and moved towards the Doppler’s town. After studying about the defeated Reploids, Dr Cain found out that Doppler’s was collecting special abilities from these Mavericks to create a powerful body for someone.  

After defeating Dr Doppler, X found out that the master mind behind this invasion was Sigma. Finally, X defeated Sigma and saved his city.


Best Emulator for Mega Man X3 

The game is available for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. To play this game on your device, you need to download and install SNES emulator on your system. You can use the following emulators.


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