Megaman X

The game take place in 2120 year when archaeologist Dr.Cain discovers a robotic factories and in one factorie he finds a robot and gave the name Megaman X or just X.

File Name:Megaman X (USA).zip
Year of release:1993

Megaman X ROM Download for SNES


Megaman X is an action-adventure video game by Capcom and is a part of the Mega Man series. 

Japan launched the first Mega Man X on December 17, 1993. Then in January 1994, North America released it on the Super NES/Super Famicom, which generated a few spin-offs on different frameworks, the vast majority of which were later ported to the PC stage.

The gameplay acquainted new components with the Mega Man establishment, including the capacity to run and climb walls. The initial six games in the series were assembled in the treasury Mega Man X Collection.

Keiji Inafune has made the character as a replacement to the first Mega Man. He now has a darker portrayal and numerous sets of protective layers that upgraded his aptitudes to differentiate him from his predecessors. Multiple entertainers have given the character's voice in both Japanese and English versions of the franchise.


Best Emulator for Megaman X


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