Sonic The Hedgehog (Unl)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (Unl)- ROM Download for SNES

It is a platform game released in June 1991 by Sega. The game is about Sonic, an anthropomorphic hedgehog. It was ported to many platforms, including SNES. He is on a quest to defeat an evil scientist Dr Robotnik who imprisons the animals and steals the Chaos Emeralds. The player controls Sonic who want to stop Robotnik's plan and free all the animals and collect the emeralds. When the player collects all the emeralds, the game ends. The game revolves around managing the rings which increase the health. The Sonic game series has so much promise, and is a fantastic game filled with fun and crazy environments. 


It's a side-scrolling platform video game. Sonic can run very fast through slopes, loops and bottomless pits. The levels have many threats in the form of robots, in which Dr Robotnik traps the animals. If the player destroys the robot, it will free the animals trapped inside. The main attack of Sonic is the Spin attack in which he rapidly spins his body and curls into a ball and damages the obstacles and enemies upon collision. 

Sonic has three lives at the start of the game. Sonic lose one life each if he collides with the objects or the hazardous enemies, exceeds the time limit or falls into the pit. If the player runs out of life, the game ends. At each level, there are gold coins, and if the player collects a hundred rings, it will result in a gain of one life.

The game has six zones and one final zone. Each zone has its style, unique enemies and obstacles. At the end of the zone, the player faces Dr Robotnik for a boss fight. After completing all the zones player goes for the final battle with the doctor and destroying Robotnik's machine means the game has ended.

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