Super Bomberman

You need to place bombs to destroy enemies or to destroy walls to get to the enemies and kill them. When you place a bomb it takes a few seconds before he blows. If you have 2 bombs placed near each other where one bomb blow in detonates the other bomb and make a chain of explosions.

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File Name: Super Bomberman (USA).zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Action
Filesize: 295.85KB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1993
Downloads: 16353

Super Bomberman ROM Download for SNES

It's an action maze game released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo system. The game is a part of the Bomberman game franchise, and it's one of the first four-player games that was produced for the Super Nintendo. It is also the first game in the Super Bomberman game series. Super Bomberman is considered as the best multiplayer game, and the story is strong enough to keep the player entertained even if they play alone. 


Karat Diamond and his assistant, Dr Mook, plan to kidnap Bomberman and steal his bombing abilities. Both White and Black Bombers go out to teach Karat Diamond a lesson. The gameplay is generic: walk around a maze and tactically pop bombs to blow up enemies and walls. The player has to blow up enemies and find the exit to clear the level before time runs out. There are six worlds with eight levels that end with a boss fight. The player can find power-ups in the destroyed walls, and they give Bomberman the essentials like more bombs, firepower, an extra heart to absorb damage, kicking abilities and the time bomb. The fifth world is a long battle arena; players have to fight fake bombers and have to destroy them. There's also an option where another player can join the mission. There's a multiplayer mode known as battle mode, where up to four players can contest in different arenas and try to blow each other to bits. The last man standing is the winner. It's one of the more detailed Bomberman games for the SNES. There are so much colour and design in the game. The Bomberman and his multi-coloured friends are marvellous to look at, and the bosses are very detailed. 

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If you want to run this game on any operating system of your choice, then you will need a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. Some of the best SNES emulators are:


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