Super Metroid (JU)

File Name:Super Metroid (JU) [!].zip
Year of release:1994

Super Metroid (JU) ROM Download for SNES 

If you have previously played Metroid games, you probably heard of this one and if you are new here and don't know about the game at all, then don't worry. We will explain everything about the video, including its features, its features, and how you can play it on your PC. So here is everything you need to know about Super Metroid.


Game Play


It is a side-scrolling action-adventure game where the player explores the area and looks for power-ups to enhance its ability to fight battles. The world is an open space, connected by elevators and doors. Samus Aran is the protagonist who is controlled by the player in the game. Samus Aran can run, jump, crouch, and fire a weapon in eight directions. She also has The "Moon Walk" ability to walk backwards while firing or charging her weapon. In the game, players can also explore the unexplored area with a map computer found in each part of the planet. 




Best Emulators for Super Metroid ROM

To play the ROM of Super Metroid on PC, the user must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game is SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and downloading the corresponding emulator.


There are plenty of SNES emulators available online. Here are our best picks of SNES emulators:

Similar Games


Three games to love if you like Super Metroid. They are:


  1. Metroid Fusion
    This game's theme is an action-adventure game where the protagonist Samus Aran investigates a space station filled with organisms infected with virions known as X parasites. The gameplay is mission-based, and players will be guided through areas. The basic idea is platform jumping, shooting, and puzzle elements.
  2. Metroid: Zero Mission
    With plenty of Metroid options to select from, this one should be given a chance. This game is also based on side-scrolling action-adventure themes like Metroid Fusion. Though the player will explore the place and gain the power-up, new features like new items, additional areas, mini-bosses, difficulty levels have also been introduced. 
  3. Metroid Prime
    It is an action-adventure game where the player controls the protagonists of Metroid series Samus the bounty hunter. The game follows Samus and her battles with the Space Pirates experimenting on the planet Tallon IV. 



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