Tecmo Super Bowl

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Year of release: 1991
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Tecmo Super Bowl ROM Download for SNES 


Tecmo Super Bowl ROM, released in the year 1991, is an American Football video game that comes under the series of Tecmo Bowl. Tecmo developed and published it for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was the first sports video game licensed with the National Football League Players and the National Football LeagueAssociation, therefore letting the game using both the attributes and names of real NFL players and entire NFL teams. 




The previous version of the game, Tecmo Bowl, had nine players for offense, at least twenty players on its roster, a kicker and a punter, and nine players for defense. However, in this game, a team has seventeen players for the offense, which icludes six substitutes and eleven starters. Each roster has thirty different players, eleven defensive players who can be neither injured nor substituted, along with a kicker and a punter.  The game also retains the arcade-style football gameplay from the original game, including breaking tackles and no penalties. Moreover, the game adds new features in the gameplay, such as the timeouts to avoid ten-second runoffs, single-season NFL records, the coin toss, five-minute quarters. Also, there are fumbles, expanded and editable playbooks, varying health conditions of player injuries and players, and substitute players' ability. 


Best Emulator for Tecmo Super Bowl ROM


To play Tecmo Super Bowl, you need to download and install a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on your device. Some of the best Super Nintendo Entertainment that you can install to play Tecmo Super Bowl include BESNES, SNES9X, JOHN NES, NES.emu, RetroArch, Nestopia UE, higan, and OpenEmu. And, you know what? You can run RetroArch emulators on the platforms such as Android, MAC OS, Web, and Microsoft Windows. 


Similar Games


If you loved playing sports video games like this football game, Tecmo Super Bowl, you might even like other games in this Tecmo Bowl series. So, three games in the series that have similar gameplay are mentioned below. 


  1. Tecmo Bowl
    It is an American football game, which was initially released in 1987 as an arcade game. The game has two large monitor cabinets, which can break the blocks and supports up to four players to play. The player can choose any mode from the game's three methods as either the coach, single-player, or multiplayer. 

  2. Tecmo Bowl Throwback
    This game is an enhanced version of the 1993 version of the Tecmo Super Bowl. This version's key features are the improvements on the user interface, improved 3D graphics, team name, player editor, seasonal play, online play, and a unique ability to switch between 3D and 2D graphics. 

  3. Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff
    Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, is also a remake version of the Tecmo Super Bowl American football video game. A few of the new gameplay features added to this version are the Super abilities, Customizable teams, Cutscenes, and Customizable playbook. 


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