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File Name: Uniracers (U) [!].zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Sports
Filesize: 1.05MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1995
Downloads: 708

Uniracers ROM Download for SNES

It is a video game released in 1995 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In the game, the player controls a unicycle and races against another unicycle around a 2D track. There are different colored unicycles available to choose from, and the player can even name them. The player picks a league and goes through various challenges, defeat the opponent to reach the target goal to earn a medal. Each circuit has gold, silver, and bronze medals to achieve. These circuits have names such as Crawler, Walker, Shuffler, Jumper, Hopper, Bounder, Hunter, Sprinter, and Runner. Each one is depicted by an animal, adding a bit of comedy. Medals unlock new circuits. Gold medals courses have the player race against Goldwyn; in Silver medal circuits, the player races against Silvia; In Bronze medal circuits, the player race against Bronson. All these circuits ultimately lead to the final boss, Anti Uni, a black and red evil unicycle. The tracks in the game are quite cool. They are color-coded; for example, if the red color comes up, that means it time to jump as there is an obstacle ahead. The single-player mode has nine circuits, and each has five races. There are also threats on the track like mud to slow down the speed or ice patches and many more.



Best Emulator for Uniracers

The First SNES emulator that comes to mind is RetroArch. It is an open-source emulator compatible with almost all game controllers and has features like game rewinding, shaders, recording, and netplay. Snes9x is the next entry on the SNES emulator. It's a free emulator with various features such as enhanced graphics, save points, fast-forward, and much more. So you can choose any of the emulators mentioned above to enjoy your game.

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