Zelda No Densetsu (V1.0) (J)

File Name:Zelda no Densetsu (V1.0) (J).zip
Year of release:1995

Zelda No Densetsu (V1.0) - (J) ROM Download for SNES 

The Legend of Zelda known as Zelda No Densetsu is an action-adventure video game which is developed by Nintendo EAD. The game takes place in a fantasy land called Hyrule, and the plot centres on an elf-like boy named Link. 

Game Plot

Here, the elf-like boy, Link, attempts to collect the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom in order to rescue Princess Zelda from the villain named Ganon. Throughout the game, the player controls Link from a top-down perspective and navigates throughout the overworld. In this process, the player also travels to dungeons, collects weapons, conquers enemies, and even uncover some mysteries along the way.
The game even contains a large outdoor map of the overworld with various environments. Dungeons also include helpful items which Link can add to his inventory, such as a boomerang for striking enemies and retrieving distant objects and a magical recorder that lets Link teleport to the opening of any dungeon he has cleared previously.

Best Emulator for Zelda No Densetsu ROM

In order to play action-adventure video games like Zelda No Densetsu, you would need to download and install Super Nintendo Entertainment emulator on whichever device you are using. 

There are few more good Super Nintendo Entertainment emulators which might be suitable for your device. If the device you use is Windows PC, then, Snes9x, higan, bsnes, and ZSNES emulators would be great. If the device is MAC, then, Nestopia, higan and sixtyforce are the best one for you.

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