File Name:Neutopia II (U).zip
Year of release:1991

Neutopia II, released in 1992, is an action and adventure video game that is the sequel to the game Neutopia. Hudson Soft developed the game, and Keita Hoshi published it for the TurboGrafx16. The game was released for Virtual Console and PlayStation as well. 




The players in Neutopia II take charge of Jazeta's son, who needs to begin a hunt to both defeat Dirth and save his father. The game Neutopia II shares many similarities in gameplay and visuals with the initial "Legend of Zelda" title games. The young boy, as the player, can freely roam through a sizable 2D context. Moreover, the player can advance through accepted duties in any order at specific points of the game; at other events, it is more narrow in growth and story. The game Neutopia only has a single-player mode and does not support multiplayer. 


Best Emulator for Neutopia II ROM


To play Neutopia II ROM, you must download and install an emulator called TurboGrafx16 on your device, which you will play the game. The TurboGrafx16 emulator is also known as the PC Engine, which is a fourth-generation home video game console. Also, the Japanese PC Engine emulator is the smallest significant home game console ever made. The console helps in displaying 482 colors out of 512 at the same time. 


A few of the great TurboGrafx16 you can download to play Neutopia II include HuE, BizHawk, MagicEngine, RetroArch or Mednafen, Turbo Engine, Ootake, and so on. 


Similar Games


After playing Neutopia II, you may even like other games in the Neutopia video game series and other action and adventure video games. A few of them are listed below. 




It is an overhead action-adventure video game, which takes place in the remote past in the realm of Neutopia. It is a wealthy and peaceful land in which the people prayed at a Sacred Shrine and were guarded over by Princess Aurora. And, one day, the evil Dirth arrives and invades the land. He then assigns his army of demons to destroy the place, and he kidnaps Princess Aurora and keeps her prisoner in the Climactic Castle, where he rules over the invading monsters. So, the protagonist, Jazeta, enters to save the princess. The player can use his items and even attack with weapons to his enemies. 


Milon's Secret Castle


Milon's Secret Castle is an action-adventure video game, where the lead, Milon, lives in the nation of Hudson, where people use song and music to interact with each other. However, the player character Milon does not have the capability to communicate. So, he determines to explore throughout the land of Hudson to seek other people like himself. The player here can shoot bubbles, run and jump. 


Dungeon Explorer


It is a role-playing action video game coming under the Dungeon Explorer video game series. The game Dungeon Explorer is set in the nation of Oddesia, occupied by an alien race, where players consider the role of one of the eight central characters. They are tasked with retrieving the Ora stone to kill Natas, who is the alien king.


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