Virtual Boy Wario Land

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Year of release: 1995
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Virtual Boy Wario Land ROM Download for the Virtual Boy


Virtual Boy Wario Land, released in the year 1995, is a platform video game and comes under the Wario series. Nintendo published and developed the game for the Virtual Boy game system. The game follows the character Wario, who is a hunter. 




Here, the player takes control of Wario, who is on a quest and needs to find the treasure in the Amazon region, and fight against the enemies to proceed in the game. The player can throw objects at enemies, jump and charge with his shoulders. Also, he can equip unique hats to get items such as bull horns and fire breathing. He can even enter the background at specific points, a device that runs with the game's 3D gimmick.


Wario should collect treasure at each level and discover a key to unlock the lift to the next stage. Players can get many treasures hidden around the areas to enhance their overall score. Additionally, there are a few mini-games also, in-between each level in which Wario can play with the loot he has accumulated so far. 


Best Emulator for Virtual Boy Wario Land ROM


Virtual Boy Wario Land games need to use and run a Virtual Boy emulator on your device so that you can play. A few virtual Boy emulators that can play on Windows Pc are VIBE Emulator, RED DRAGON, VBjin, Reality Boy, and VIRTUAL E Emulator. Also, to run on MAC OS, the best Virtual Boy emulator is OpenEmu. 


Similar Games


If games like Virtual Boy Wario Land is your favorite, then you will also love playing other games in the series and other games related to Wario Land. Three Virtual Boy Wario Land ROM related games are:


  1. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
    The game highlights the first appearance of Captain Syrup along with her Brown Sugar Pirates, who are the antagonists in the Wario Land series. The game takes place on a journey through various themed areas, which are split into different courses, finishing in a boss fight. Here, Wario can bump into or jump above the enemies to hit them over. Additionally, there are three unique helmets, and Wario gets this with their ability, namely the Jet Helmet, Dragon Helmet, and the Bull Helmet. 

  2. Wario Land II
    In Wario Land II, the player controls Wario, who has to retrieve the treasure from Captain Syrup. The player attempts to find the hidden gems and can change the plot's direction by finding some secret exit in the game on certain stages and thus can find more treasures. Interestingly, this version does not have a time limit for the game so that the player can explore all the areas for an infinite time. 

  3. Wario Land 3
    Here the player needs to free a mysterious figure who gets trapped inside a music box. The player must make use of his enemies' attacks to change and access new areas physically. When the player, Wario finds out new treasure, it leads to a new path to a stage or gives Wario unique ability. 


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