Red Earth

Red Earth is a game where you can play single-player Quest Mode and a two-player Versus Mode. You can chose one from four main characters in the game and fight the computer versions of opponents in a different stages.

Parameters Values
File Name: Red Earth (US) [CP3000U0G - CAP-WZD0A0] [N.A.].zip
Console/System: CPS 3
Genre: Fighting
Filesize: 26.49MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1996
Downloads: 1543

Red Earth ROM Download for CPS 3

It is a 2D competitive fighting game released in 1996 by Capcom. Many consider this game as a hidden gem. The game premise is that the Monsters attack the entire planet, and it's up to the four heroes to fight them. You have to select from the four characters which you want to play: Leo (the warrior with a lion's head), Tessa (the witch), Kenji (the ninja), and Mai Ling (the warrior with pigtails) and then move forward to battle the eight bosses. Each hero has his/her reasons for hunting down these evil creatures; they have their own story. The combat in the game is fantastic. Players battle with boss style fighters and try to beat them and level up their current hero. After you die or win the game, you can restart, levell up the hero and become more rigid in the game. The gameplay mechanics in this game are excellent.

Game plot

The game takes place on altered earth in the year 1999, and the world is in medieval mythological fantasy. A new country rises, led by the evil Blade. He sends out numerous monsters to take over the world. But then four heroes appear to defend earth. They are Leo, Tessa, Kenji and Mai Ling.



  1. Password save system
    When the player dies, then he/she can enter a password and resume the game retaining all the power-ups. It's cool and unique. 

  2. Boss battles
    There are a total of eight boss battles, and each is different than the one before. Throughout the journey, the player will level up and become resistant to various boss attacks like fire and poison.

  3. Two modes
    There are two modes available: single-player Quest Mode and a two-player Versus Mode. In Quest Mode, the player selects from one of the four characters, and moves forward through the character's storyline and fights against a series of eight computer-controlled opponents in one-on-one battles. In Versus Mode, two players combat against each other, using any of the four heroes.

  4. Addition of new attacks
    The game has fatality attacks, inspired from the game series Mortal Kombat. It's one of the first Capcom games to have this addition. The fatalities in this game are more realistic.

Best Emulator for Red Earth

Capcom system III is an arcade system board, and it was used for the first time for Red Earth in 1996. Modern computers can play CPS3 games through the use of emulators so, to play the CPS-3 games you will need an emulator. CPS-3 1.0a and FB Alpha0.2.97.43 are Capcom system emulators that will let you play CPS3 games on your Windows system. 

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