Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Another game from Final Fantasy but this time is Tactical Advance whre the story is based on four childrens who finds ancient book and then the adventure of returning the book to the real world starts.

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Final Fantasy - Tactics Advance ROM Download for GBA


Just like its title says, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a tactical role-playing game which is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series. The game developed by Square now known as Square Enix. Although the game has numerous traits of the Final Fantasy tactics, it is not a sequel.




Over a grid-like battlefield, the player gathers a group of characters and even controls their actions. The players are free to pick the statistics, abilities and classes of their members. They must organize the clan's members, enhance their status through missions that they offer in the pubs. The player here takes the role of a clan leader, Marche.

The game has got four types, namely regular, encounter, dispatch and area. The missions usually are tasks undertaken by the clans. In each level of mission, the gameplay is different for Marche, with diverse goals. After finishing specific duty, the player wins location tokens. These tokens symbolize individual settlements and territories such as forests, deserts, towns, and mountains. 


Best Emulator for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ROM


To play the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Rom game, you need to have an emulator called Game Boy Advance (GBA) on your device. This emulator helps you play the game, which is the most popular handheld video game console. The most stable GBA emulator for your PC or Phone is the Visual Boy Advance as it is free to use and supports all types of GB. The ability to save the game according to the preference of users is one of its notable highlights. 


Similar Games


Final Fantasy games have a lot of other similar games which include new highlights which you might like. So, I have listed down three related games of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and I am sure that you will enjoy playing them too. 


  1. Final Fantasy VI
    The game follows the expansion of the casts, which includes fourteen permanent playing characters. Just like the previous instalments of the Final Fantasy games, the game consists of four gameplay modes namely, the town and dungeon field maps, a battle screen, a menu screen and an overworld map. The key means of the game is to travel around the overworld by airship, Chocobo and foot. While travelling on foot, the player randomly encounters the enemies on field maps.

  2. Final Fantasy IV
    The game in this version revolves and follows Cecil, a dark knight as he strives to stop the sorcerer Golbez from winning powerful crystals and destroying the world. Cecil joins for the quest, where the group of allies frequently changes. The players and monsters here have got hit points. A player can restore the hit points of the character by having them in sleep or by using the inventory of the party. 

  3. Final Fantasy VII
    The Final Fantasy VII game's story follows Cloud Strife, a soldier who joins an eco-terrorist. During the journey, Cloud makes close friendships with his party members, including Aerith Gainsborough, who carries the mystery to save their world. 


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