Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Another game from Kingdom Hearts series. Sora and his friends are exploring a mysterious castle and fights the darkness.

File Name:1828 - Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories (U)(Venom).zip
Year of release:2004

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories ROM Download for GBA


It is a role-playing action game released in 2004 for the Game boy advance and the second title in the Kingdom heart game series and the first game boy advance game to include full-motion video. The game takes place exactly after the ending of the original kingdom of hearts. The events in this game tie together the stories from Kingdom Hearts and its PlayStation 2 sequel. So, it's a treat for the fans of the game. 

The game revolves around Sora and friends as they discover the mysterious Castle Oblivion. They also battle the evil organization XIII, a group of enemies, which is a new addition to this game. There's an addition of new plotlines of the characters that further expand the original game and set the basis for Kingdom Hearts II. There's a new card battle system that differentiates it from the predecessor's combat system. The game is an adventure that puts Square characters and Disney characters in the same world and is one of the popular games' triumph stories during its release. 


Game plot


The game takes place immediately after the proceedings of the original Kingdom Hearts. This game is not just only a sequel but a bridge to Kingdom Hearts 2. The game picks up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they chase Pluto down a long, curvy path, where they eventually confront a mysterious, black-robed figure. The stranger tells Sora that there is something that he urgently needs, but to claim it, he has to lose something important to him. To solve this mystery, Sora and her friends continue their journey and eventually see a strange castle known as the Castle of Oblivion, and it serves as the center for the rest of the game. The player encounters various friends, enemies, places, and a few surprises throughout the game.




Best Emulator for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


There are many good GBA emulators present for this game, but the best choice is VBA-M. VisualBoyAdvance-M is an enhanced fork from the inactive VisualBoyAdvance. The M in VBA stands for Merge. This emulator has lots of features like full-screen mode support, compatibility with most of the game, save state support, screen capture, joy-stick support, and many more.


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