Mega Man Battle Network

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File Name: 0165 - MegaMan Battle Network (U)(Venom).zip
Console/System: GBA
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2001
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Mega Man Battle Network ROM Download for the GBA 


Mega Man The Battle Network, released in the year 2001, is a role-playing video game that is a spin-off based on the original series of Mega Man. Capcom developed and published the game for the Game Boy Advance. The game also comes under one of the Mega Man series and has six main games in the Mega Man Battle Network series.




The game is set in the year 200X in the series, and it is 200XX in the sixth game. It is also set in an alternative version of the original Mega Man universe, and the game is more focused on networks rather than robots. The series revolves around the characters Dr. Tadashi's grandson, MegaMan.EXE, Lan Hikari, and his NetNavi. 

Mega Man Battle Network series uses a mixture of role-playing action battle systems. The player takes control of Mega Man as he uses his weapon, MegaBuster, to defeat his enemies. Moreover, the main gameplay here involves the use of Battle Chips, which is selected by Lan Hikari, who the player is in control of. The gameplay also focuses on exploration, where player Lan explores the real world and socializes with non-playing characters. 

Best Emulator for Mega Man Battle Network ROM


To play the Mega Man Battle Network on your Windows PC, MAC, or whichever device you plan to play the game, you will have to install a Game Boy Advance emulator. A few of the best Game Boy Advance emulators for Windows PC users are Visual Boy Advance, Higan, mGBA, NO$GBA, BatGBA, and so on. For the MAC OS users, Sixtyforce, KiGB, DeSmuMe, Boycott Advance, VisualBoy Advance, etc. 

Similar Games


As we know, there are six main games in the series of Mega Man The Battle Network, so you'll enjoy playing each one of them equally. Hence, three games in the series of Mega Man The Battle Network are:


Mega Man Network Transmission
The game takes place one month after the first game's events in the series, Mega Man Battle Network. The game follows the character Lan Hikari and his online avatar called MegaMan.EXE, where they try to fight against the WWW organization and their attempt to stop the spread of the contagious Zero virus into cyberspace. 

Mega Man Battle Network 3
The year set in the game is 200X, where Dr. Wily reforms the WWW evil organization and strives to release Alpha, which is a wrong prototype version of the internet that was secured away before setting up the current internet. The players try to stop this from happening and destroy it. 


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