Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors

Two characters from the Dragon Ball games put in one place to fight each other. They have lots of skills, close combat attacks and some weaknesses you should find them if you want to win.

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File Name: 1548 - DragonBall Z - Supersonic Warriors (U)(Rising Sun).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Fighting
Filesize: 8.73MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2004
Downloads: 92852

Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors ROM Download for GBA


Dragon Ball Z is a top-rated series which also has been able to achieve massive popularity with its various games. Dragon Ball Z- Supersonic Warriors was released on June 22, 2004, and was designed by Arc System Works and Cavia.


Game Plot


While playing this game, you would notice two characters of the Dragon Ball establishment against one another in massive conditions and environment, where the battle in the game generally takes place in the air. The player can utilize solid and frail varieties of close battle assaults, and fire feeble energy blasts by charging up their "Ki". If you want to do heavy damage to your enemy, then you can do so with the help of three exceptional "Certain Kill" abilities that each character in the game have. The Certain Kill ability can have different impacts relying upon where the player is found. The player can be found horizontal, below or above the opponent.




Supersonic Warriors can provide a thorough and more understandable gameplay to the player. You can grasp a genuine feeling of movement in this game with the help of significant levels of parallax as the speeding contenders are accommodated with zooming in and out by the cameras. The gameplay characters in the game are very detailed and stay sharp consistently. The characters' assaults look fabulous and are joined by quality voice work. You are required to push a specific button to utilize the combat system effectively, yet it's taken care of in a controlled manner.


Best Emulator for Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors


There are many GameBoy Advance emulators available in the market which can alter your experience of gaming based upon their features. Instead of wasting your time upon finding the ideal emulator for you, I can help you pick out from some of the best options. VisualBoy Advance emulator can be an excellent option for you as this emulator supports both old and new operating systems. You can record your gameplay and even take screenshots provided with the feature of saving your game whenever you want. Another pick for you is Higan GBA emulator which supports all GBA games. With this emulator, you can play on multiple consoles and set up your game in a matter of just a few seconds.


Similar Games


  1. Dragon Ball Z- Supersonic Warriors 2- There are a couple of various approaches to play Supersonic Warriors 2. Those hoping to locate the ideal group of characters and understand the combat system can experience free flight modes and go through tutorials. If you need to clash with another genuine player, you can participate in a specially appointed Wi-Fi match, given the two players have their duplicate of the game.

  2. Dragon Ball Z- Kakarot- There is much more to this game other than players fighting their rivals, such as fishing, preparing, eating, and having as though the player is present in the Dragon Ball world. The game follows the movement of Dragon Ball Z, while the player communicates with the environment of the game as the diverse playable characters.

  3. Dragon Ball Z- Xenoverse 2- It is essentially set in 3D fight arenas demonstrated after eminent areas in the Dragon Ball universe, with the focal centre being an extended form of Toki-Toki City, known as Canton City. 


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