Advance Wars

The goal of this game is to defeat all the enemies or capture the headquarters. On some levels, you need to destroy important buildings to pass the level.

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File Name: 0263 - Advance Wars (E)(Arrogance).zip
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Year of release: 2001
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Advance Wars ROM Download for GBA 


Advance Wars is a turn-based tactics type video game which is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It is the first game in the Advance Wars video games series. 


Game Plot


The game revolves around the efforts of the Orange Star Army's in battling the armies of other countries. Here, the Orange Star commanding officer is accused of striking the other countries troops for no reason. 

The only aim of the game is to defeat the armies of the enemy. Destroying everyone in the opponent's units on the map or capturing the opponent's headquarters are the two ways in which the players can destroy their enemies. Interestingly, some plans have particular objectives, such as capturing several cities and then they can claim victory!




The mode of play in the game includes a campaign mode which carries the storyline, a Field Training, which is the tutorial mode of the game, the War Room, which is the collection of maps and the player aims for high scores. There is also a map design mode and multiplayer mode. 


Best Emulator for Advance Wars ROM


Advance Wars video games need an emulator called Game Boy Advance, on your device, in order to play. 

Game Boy Advance emulator will allow you to play all types of GBA games on your PC or MAC. One of the most incredible GBA emulators for your device is mGBA because it supports cheat codes. Now, what game is fun to play without any cheat codes, right? It also helps an extensive catalogue of GBA games, simple to set up and use and even enables ROM patches.

Similar Games


In the series of Advance War video games, there are few more games, having some similar objective and game types. I'm sure that you would find it amazing to play these games too. Three of the similar games of Advance Wars are listed below.


  1. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
    The game is the second game in the Advance Wars sub-series of Nintendo Wars. Although the storyline and game type is similar, they have added few additional changes to the game. In specific campaign maps, there are particular objectives, such as capturing or destroying individual vital buildings, such as a Black Cannon, an unusual property found in Black Hole Rising. Achievement of a campaign mission or War Room will net the player a rank based on different standards. 
  2. Advance Wars: Dual Strike
    The Advance Wars is the third instalment in the Advance Wars series. The game is a continuation to the previous version, but here the game takes place at a new location called Omega Land. The goal of the Dual Strike is to defeat their enemy armies with their own army. 
  3. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
    The game comes under the fourth instalment of the Advance Wars series. The game was proposed to have a darker environment and more serious tone in contrast to the previous instalments in the series and emphasises a new storyline independent of the earlier games.


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