Naruto - Ninja Council

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Year of release: 2002
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Naruto - Ninja Council ROM Download for GBA


It is an action game released for the Game boy advance and the first part of the Ninja council. For fans, Ninja Council brings an entertaining conversion of the anime for fantastic gameplay. All significant characters of the anime series make an appearance, and each has their attacks directly from the show. The story follows Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, who have graduated from the Ninja academy. It is time for them to take the Chunin exams. The exam has both written and action parts, but the game focuses on the action part. The three of them and their Sensei Kakashi have to deliver an essential scroll to the top of the mountain. The scrolls are essentials as their exams are prepared and executed on them. At the top, the infamous Orochimaru comes and steals the scroll. Now, three students' chances to pass the exams are very thin, so they have to recover the scroll from passing the exams. There are a total of eight main stages, and each ends with a boss fight. Apart from the primary attack abilities, the main characters can run up walls, projectile weapons, throw ninja stars or cast magic to solve puzzles and weaken bosses. 




The gameplay is fast but straightforward. The game has three different segments, and the game takes place in 2D side-scrolling levels. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, the ninjas, can teleport and double jump in these stages. In the sprinting stages, the ninja's speed triples up, and he flashes through the stage and collects Leaf Icons and smashing bricks. The boss fights are interesting; the ninjas are pit against Naruto's biggest enemies. The bosses have a wide variety of moves, but ninjas also come with block moves to prevent the boss's attack. The three ninjas each have their quality and advantages, such as Naruto has a lot of power and health, Sakura's use of the items is better, and Sasuke is a balance of both. They also have three powerful signature moves or Jutsu; they cause incredible damage and drain out health. The ninjas also have access to Ninja Tools apart from the Jutsu. They are of two types: ninja scrolls and throwing weapons. The ninja scroll allows the ninjas to call their fellow Leaf Ninjas for a powerful attack. The ninja that appears varies from Kakashi, who uses his Lightning Blade attack to do excessive damage to Shikamaru, who uses his Shadow. Throwing weapons consist of items like Kunai and Shuriken. When a ninja collects these weapons, he throws them a single time for massive damage. The primary levels' structure is like mazes, which requires the player to climb up and down a stage and find a path to the end. 


Best Emulator for Naruto - Ninja Council


If you would like to play this game on your device, you need to download a game boy advance emulator. If you are looking for Windows, then you should, without a doubt, use GB Enhanced. It is one of the incredibly portable emulators that serves features like cheat codes, custom graphics, scaling, and many more. For Android devices, GameBoid is the one that you should go for. It emulates most of the commercial games on android devices smoothly. Boycott Advance runs most of the games entirely on a Mac operating system. 


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