Pokémon Ruby

There are 200 pokemon in the game and each one can be yours. There are additional 100 species to train and use.

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File Name: 0907 - Pokemon Ruby (U)(Mugs).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 4.75MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2002
Downloads: 88965

Pokémon Ruby ROM Download for GameBoy Advance (GBA)


Growing up, we all loved Pokémon so much. Watching it felt like a real experience. And what could be more remarkable than the role-playing into the world of Pokémon? Yes, you read it right. There are so many games dedicated to our beloved Pokémon world, and one of them is Pokémon Ruby.


Pokémon Ruby version is a 2002 video game with another version called Pokémon Sapphire Version, and it is made for GameBoy Advance (GBA). Just like the predecessor's games of Pokemon, the Ruby version has three basic screens. Firstly, a field map, through which the player navigates Pokemon's main character; Secondly, a battle screen; and thirdly, a menu. The player can find all the information like their party, items, or gameplay settings. 



The game is set in Littleroot town. The protagonists (the player) have come to live there. Professor Birch is attacked in the beginning, and the player has to choose either a Pokemon to save the professor. As soon as the player defeats the bird and saves Birch, the player is taken to his lab and receives his first-ever Pokemon and encounters Professor Birch child May/Brendan, a Pokemon Trainer. The game has two primary goals. The first one being defeating eight Gym leaders, and two become the new champion. The second is completing the Pokedex by capturing and trading to obtain all 202 Pokemon. 


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Best Emulator for the Pokemon Ruby ROM

Users will have to download GBA on their computers and corresponding emulators too. For Gameboy Advance (GBA), users can use emulators like:



Similar Games


  1. Pokemon Emerald version : The gameplay is the same as the Ruby and Sapphire version. Players can find wild Pokemons as they walk into grass, surfing, hiking through caves, etc. Same as the Ruby version, they can battle Pokemons of other trainers.
  2. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen : In this game, the player captures the Pokemons and trains and raises them for Battle. This is based on the First ever Pokemon cartoon that was aired on TV. The journey of the Protagonists begins in Pallet Town. 
  3. Pokemon Jupiter - 6.04 : It is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby and is very popular among Pokemon fans. The plotline is unique for the Pokemon fans to keep hooked to his game. Ivan and Charon, through the portal, reach "Mynoan Civilization. Now their goal is to prevent the great deluge from finishing the world. This hacked version has Cameos of other characters from the series that a player can encounter throughout the map. 



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