Super Mario Advance 4

Super Mario Advance 4 is similar game like Super Mario Bros.3 with little changes, you can chose between Mario or Luigi. It has eight stages to defeat the seven Koopa Kids and Bowser.

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Year of release: 2003
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Super Mario - Advance 4 ROM Download for GBA 


Ever since our childhood, we have been quite familiar with the game Mario. The game is simple yet very engaging and exciting, to run and jump. To add on to your favourite Mario games, Super Mario Advance 4 is a platform video game, which is the fourth and the final game in the Super Mario Advance game series. Nintendo developed the game for the Game Boy Advance game console. The game is also an upgraded remake version of the Super Mario Bros. 3. 




In the game, the player takes control over either Mario or Luigi, where they adventure through eight kingdoms of the Mushroom World, to conquer the Bowser and Koopa Kids.  

Some of the changes included in the enhanced version are if the player bends to World 8, then Bowser's letter will appear on the screen as if the player completed World 7. The game also introduced the facility to e-Cards, which is compatible with Nintendo e-Reader, where the player can add stages, and apply tricks. 


Best Emulator for Super Mario Advance 4 ROM


Before starting to download your game or play the game, you first need to have a Game Boy Advance emulator on your device to play Super Mario Advance 4. Higan GBA is a great emulator for GBA games as it supports emulation for multiple console types. It is also not difficult to set up, offers enhanced colour reproduction and supports all ROMs. This emulator would be best for Windows PC. Boycott Advance, OpenEmu and mGBA are other emulators which are great for MAC users.


Similar Games


There are several games in the Mario series, which you should definitely check out, after playing this version. Although many games have similar objectives, they have got unique features in each version, which you would find fun and interesting. Three of them are listed below.


  1. Super Mario Bros. 3
    The player here controls either one of the brothers, Mario or Luigi, and must save the Princess Toadstool. They should even save the rulers of the seven kingdoms from the villain Bowser. The game has got new abilities like sliding down the slopes, fights, picking up and throwing special blocks, and can even freely climb over the plants. Additionally, new power-ups are introduced, which proffers the player with new options to play.
  2. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
    The game introduces new setbacks like poison mushroom power-ups, mid-air wind gusts and counterproductive plant warps. To be precise, the poison mushroom, which operates as an anti-mushroom, shrinks or kills the player-character. Furthermore, the abilities of Mario and Luigi altered for the first time, where Luigi, designed for experienced players, has shorter ground friction and higher jump height whereas Mario is faster. 

  3. Super Mario Bros. 2
    The Super Mario Bros. 2 is a 2Dside-scrolling game with the objective to navigate the player's character through the dream world. Unlike the other Mario games, where the player can choose one of the four protagonists, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad to use. And, the game doesn't have multiplayer functionality. Here each character possesses unique strength, and all of them can jump, and even climb the ladders or creepers.


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