Tales of Phantasia

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File Name: 2331 - Tales of Phantasia (U)(Independent).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Role-playing
Filesize: 4.89MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1995
Downloads: 1885

Tales of Phantasia ROM Download for GBA


Tales of Phantasia, released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, is a role-playing video game. Wolf Team developed the game, and Namco published it for many platforms, and it was initially released in 1995. The game is set in a fantasy world of Aselia and follows the character Cress Albane and his companions. They need to travel through time to destroy and defeat a demon king, Dhaos, who attempts to wreak destruction upon the world of Aselia. 




Tales of Phantasia has a Battle System gameplay, where the players fight in a two-dimensional area. The game follows Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS), so it has a Pause Menu, where the players can select an item or spell during the battle. Additionally, the players can make shortcut buttons to take quick actions, which may include specific moves or the use of an item. Also, here the player can take control of only the main character in the real-time phase. The player can set other characters in the game as to the active mode, attack mode, and passive mode, or the players can even force the other characters to use a spell or move from the pause menu. 


Best Emulator for Tales of Phantasia ROM


To play the Tales of Phantasia ROM, you first need to download and install a Game Boy Advance emulator on the device you would play. Some of the best Game Boy Advance emulators you can run on MAC include KiGB, Sixtyforce, Boycott Advance, and DeSmuMe. If you use Microsoft Windows, you can use Visual Boy Advance, NO$GBA, mGBA, BatGBA, higan, and so on. 


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