Doom is a game where you can navigate a player thru the streets and kill the zombies. With the money, you earn you can upgrade your weapon.

Parameters Values
File Name: 0155 - Doom (U)(Mode7).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Shooter
Filesize: 3.02MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1993
Downloads: 29567

Doom ROM Download for GBA


Doom is an instalment in the Doom series, which was first launched on October 26, 2001, for the GameBoy Advanced platform. This first-person shooter game has been designed by Palmer Productions and published by Activision for GBA gaming consoles. Palmer Productions won the licence to establish Doom for GBA gaming console platform from id Software. 


Game Plot


In this game, the player needs to advance through 32 levels by defeating the enemies and collecting keys and weapons. Doom comes with personalized gameplay and visual assets such as monster graphics and new graphics.

The plasma gun in this game is also a great weapon to use. It has an electric core that emits a sparkling sound. When fired, the rocket launcher has a small kick, slightly pushing the player back. Doom was an impressive commercial success; with more than 2.5 million copies of the game sold, it is the most successful game by developer Palmer Production to date.

In this game, the player is provided with a Personal Data Assistant (PDA). These contain security clearance levels which enable the players to use the areas that are locked and off-limits. Whenever the player picks up any of the other PDAs found throughout the game, its contents are automatically downloaded to the player's device.


Best Emulator for Doom


Gaming Boy Advance emulators are the fittest for playing games like Doom and many other games that use GBA emulators' same platform. My first suggestion to you is an mGBA emulator, which is an option that you can certainly consider. It offers to cheat codes support and also provides the ability to enable ROM patches and to override a game. Also, you can look up VisualBoy Advance emulator. Whether your operating system is old or new doesn't matter because it supports all of them. To make your experience even more worthwhile, this emulator provides a lot of advanced features.


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