Tekken Advance

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File Name: 0284 - Tekken Advance (U)(Venom).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Fighting
Filesize: 5.94MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2001
Downloads: 19174

Tekken Advance ROM Download for GBA

It is a fighting game that was released for the Game Boy Advance. The game follows Tekken 3, and it is the first Tekken game that was released on a Nintendo. The game features a decent size roster of the Tekken characters. The registration consists of Xiaoyu, Nina, Yoshimitsu, Gunjack, Hwoarang, Paul, King, Law, and Jin and each of the nine characters has unique moves, fighting styles, and combinations. The fighting in Tekken Advance depends on up-close brawling. It's about learning the character's specific techniques through button combinations and controllers, and each character has a long list of actions to master. Apart from the primary arcade mode, the game also features a time-attack, a link-cable versus mode, tag battle versus tag battle, survival, and practice. These different modes add replayability to the game.



The gameplay of the game is similar to other Tekken games. Still, now as it is on a portable system, the inputs are simplified: A button for the kicks, B button for the punches, and the right and left triggers for throws and tagging, respectively. This game has a Close attack, in which the player grapples the opponent and performs a devastating move. Tekken Advance is an actual 3D fighting game. The camera zooms in and out in the battle as the player fights, making the game a fun ride.

Best Emulator for Tekken Advance

This game falls under the Game Boy Advance Roms. The GBA is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo. This console's screen has a high resolution and high color palette. So to recreate the same gaming experience on your device, you will need a GBA emulator. There are various GBA emulators available, and some of them are: Classic boy gold, which has some fantastic features such as chat support, save and load states, and hardware control; GBC.emu, this emulator has high compatibility so you can play the game with ease; My boy, it is one of the most popular GBA that contain tonnes of features such as fast forward, cheat codes, slowdowns, etc. 

Similar Games

  1. Bloody Roar: It is an action fighting game that focuses on head-to-head combat. The player has to eliminate the rival character to win the game. This game offers features like different gameplay, background themes, and lots of upgrades, unlocking new characters, and many more. 

  2. Street Fighter X Tekken : It is a fighting game that involves characters from both Tekken and Street Fighter series. There are various characters, and the player has to select two of them to fight it off. The object of the player is to knock down the fighter of the opponent team. The game also has a multiplayer mode in which the player can play with friends. 

  3. M.U.G.E.N : In this fighting game, the player's task is to hit the maximum attacks on the opposing fighter. The game offers numerous gameplay modes, such as Arcade mode, in which the player fights against the computer-controlled A.I. in a set or random order. M.U.G.E.N. offers essential features such as fast-paced gameplay, different backgrounds, and a continuous system of opponents.
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