Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors

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File Name: Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors (E) [C].zip
Console/System: GBC
Genre: Strategy
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2002
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Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors ROM Download for GBC


This turn-based fighting game was launched in 2002 and developed by Flight Plan. In-game cards are used in this game to perform various attacks on the enemy, gather items in the game, and use different techniques. As you begin your gaming journey, you would be able to witness the start of the Dragon Ball Z all through the Saiyan saga and until the Buu saga, which is the end of the game. Other than the game's main story, there is also an addition of two different stories, which includes Future Trunk's timeline. There is a wide range of characters in the game, which consists of characters such as Gotenks and Vegito.




With the help of battle mode, you can indulge in one on one fight where your opponent is a gameplay character controlled by the computer. You can very quickly involve your friends in the game and play with your favorite gameplay characters against each other. Compared to Dragon Ball Z's previous versions, in this game, you can play with a much greater number of characters. A total of 32 characters are playable in this game. As you get engaged with the game, you can create a substantial number of both attacking and defense cards, which you can use against your opponent.

Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors has achieved mostly favorable reviews from the critics and many reviewing websites. Battle with opponents offers much complexity to the player where you can play from many characters, which was also seen as a positive attribute. 


Best Emulator for Dragon Ball Z – Legendary Super Warriors

GameBoy color emulator provides much better performance of a game such as Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors. Sometimes when you play this game on a specific system like PC, laptop, or any other device, you could expect a slowdown in a game due to an imperfect emulator. You get many features with GameBoy color emulators, such as efficient Vsync animation, more robust gamepad support, and even high graphics and sound effects. There are various GameBoy color emulators for different operating systems that you can use, for example, Windows- BGB, GB enhanced+, Higan Android- RetroArch, GBCoid Mac- OpenEmu Linux- Mednafen.


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