Pokemon - Blue Version

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File Name: Pokemon - Blue Version (UE)[!].zip
Console/System: GBC
Genre: Role-playing
Filesize: 371.65KB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1996
Downloads: 8520

Pokemon - Blue Version ROM


Pokémon Blue is an RPG-style game. The game begins in Pallet Town. The game introduces gamers to the region of Kanto. It introduces three new Pokémons, Charmander, Pikachu and Mewtwo, to the player. 


Game Plot


Professor Oak, an expert on different types of Pokémon, guide the player to catch the Pokémons. When the player has understood the method to capture the Pokémons, he can become a trainer. As the game advances, the player has to record information in his Pokedex.

A player should become an established Pokémon trainer so that the battle at Gyms can take place. The game's central characters are Professor Oak, Blue, grandson of Professor Oak and rival of Pokémon Red, Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Team Rocket.




Once the player has proved his grit as a Pokémon trainer, Elite Four (a specialized group of trainers) is the next to battle. The attempt of Team Rocket to steal the player's Pokémon should not be fruitful. There is various kind of fighting and deals to strike. Each action should be vigilant, and a total of 150 Pokémon s are accessible to trainers. The player can attempt to collect the first-Generation Pokémon all through the game. But one won't indeed collect all.


Best Emulator for Pokemon - Blue Version ROM

Pokémon Blue can be played on the GBC console. Some of its features are:

The features which are not present are retro achievements, retro cheats, sensors, subsystem, location, camera, username, led, language, crop overscan and native cheats. 

Some other emulators are GB Enhance, Higan and Retroarch 1.7.5.


Similar Games


  1. Sansara Naga 2: The player is the scion of a winged serpent raising group and should pursue a terrible individual from their clan who has taken valuable antiquity essential to the preparation of monsters. En route, the player can raise their demons in battle.

  2. Peria Chronicles: Players can make towns, yet additionally journey lines where the mission developer wins if the questers come up short and the other way around. The fight framework can be either an activity RPG style continuous battle or a Pokémon-style fight framework. 

  3. Pokémon Red: Like most RPGs, Pokémon's Red player doesn't partake in the fights. Instead, the primary character investigates the terrains and gets Pokémon, which fight for him against his adversaries' Pokémon. Although you start the game with just one, you can, in the end, gather a gathering of up to six distinctive Pokémon. Somebody can exchange the individuals at Pokémon Centers.


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