Pokemon Red

In the land of Kanto, Pokemon rule the world. Your job is to master training them, collect all the available Pokemons and become the champion of the Indigo League by defeating all the Pokemon masters.

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Year of release: 1996
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Pokemon Red ROM Download for GameBoy Color (GBC)


People around the world love Pokemon so much that because of it, the creators of Pokemon had to come up with movies and games as well. With so many games based on Pokemon, it is hard to choose a favourite one. Every Pokemon game is satisfying and engaging in its way. There's another gem of the Pokemon series, and that is the Pokemon Red version.

Pokemon Red version and blue versions are the first-ever Pokemon to start the classic Pokemon series. This role-play based video game was created in 1996 for the Game boy—the fictional region where the game is set in Kanto. 




Throughout the competition, the protagonist aims to master Pokemon Battling by becoming the champion of the Indigo League. For which the player has to defeat the eight GYm leaders.

 After the player has done that, the player will be at the top four Pokemon trainers called the Elite four. Simultaneously the player has to complete the Pokedex by obtaining the 151 available Pokémon. 


Game Plot


The story follows the same route where the protagonist lives in Pallet Town, who wishes to become the Master of Pokemon. As they have to travel outside to become Pokemon Master, Professor Oak grandson and player meet, and then they have to select Pokemon to start their journey. Oak grandson will always choose strong Pokemon as the starting one. Apart from that, the player has to destroy the team rocket from achieving its aim to capture all Pokemons. 



  1. Eight types of Gyms
  2. Trading of Pokemon
  3. 151 different species of Pokémon
  4. Engaging plotline


Best Emulator for Pokemon Red Version

To run the Pokemon Red version on the PC, users will have to download GameBoy Color (GCB).

 Few emulators you can try are:

  1. John GBC

This one is the first choice of many people looking for emulators of GBC (GameBoy Color). It gives the user a wide range of features like Wiimotes, Bluetooth HID controllers and MOGA controllers.


  1. GBC.emu

Next in line is this special one. Because it is an open-source emulator, anyone in the world can look at the codes and use them.


  1. My OldBoy!

This oldie but goodie emulator has all the essential features which are sufficient for anyone. It supports Link Cable emulation to itself and other devices. It comes as an advantage for Pokemon trading and Multiplayer games. 


Similar Games


  1. Pokemon Yellow Version: This 1998 role-play game is Pikachu Special Edition. The story stays the same with one minor change that the player is not given 3 Pokemon to start the journey but receives Pikachu instead.

  2. Pikachu Crystal Version: This one is the enhanced version of Pokemon Gold and Silver. All settings and stories stay the same as the gold and silver versions.

  3. Pokemon Trading Card: The player must defeat the rival Ronald in a card game. If the player Rival Wins then, the player needs to work on their cards. But if a player wins, then it receives a promotional card.


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