Kid Icarus - Of Myths and Monsters

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Kid Icarus -Of Myths and Monsters ROM Download for GB


It is an action platform game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy, and it is the Kid Icarus sequel. The game takes inspiration from Greek mythology. The protagonist of the story is Pit, who is searching for the three sacred treasures. This game was named the 18th best GB game. 




There is a goddess Palutena who sees a vision that powerful demons invade the Angel Land. To save the Land from the impending danger, she advises Pit to undertake training. The Pit works his way through the trials and fights the demon Orcos. In the game, the players use their bow and arrow to defeat enemies. Upgrades that the players receive along the way include max health upgrades, strength upgrades, fire arrows, protective crystals, and the holy bow. 

In the final level, players have the three sacred treasures that give more firepower. There are four areas, and the first three are divided into four individual groups. These levels are of two types: overworld and fortress levels. In the Overworld stages, players fight the enemies, avoid obstacles and hop platforms. It consists of doors that lead to upgrades, hints, shops, enemies, or a mini-game. After the players complete this stage, they move forward to the Fortress. It is like mazes where the players have to fight a boss to get one of the sacred treasures. One of the rivals that players face is eggplant wizards, which turns them into an eggplant, and now they cannot attack with their bow. The final boss of the game is fun to fight with the help of the three sacred treasures. The GB version comes with variety in the environments and plenty of details. Each has a unique feel and look.


Game Plot


The game takes place in the fantasy world of Angel Land. Palutena, the Land ruler, has a nightmare that the demon Orcos and his followers will invade her Land. She calls Pit, the army leader, and asks him to be ready, to join training to get all three sacred treasures. To keep the treasure safe from Orcos, Pit goes on his quest. After Pit finishes his training and reclaims the holy treasures, demons appear and turn Palutena to stone. But the hero defeats them and saves the goddess, and restores peace to Angel Land.

Best Emulator for Kid Icarus - Of Myths and Monsters


If you want an emulator that lets you play this game without any issue, go for the Visual Boy Advance-M game boy emulator. It's a cross-platform emulator, so it works with windows, Mac, and Linux. The best part is it is compatible with most of the GB and GBA games. The next on the list is Classic Boy, the GB emulator for android. It's an all-in-one emulator with multiple consoles and features like save state, cheat code, fast forward, and much more. If you want specifically for windows, you can use TGB Dual; it allows you to play two games simultaneously. 

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