Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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File Name: Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles (USA).7z
Console/System: GameCube
Genre: Role Playing
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2003
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - ROM Download for GameCube


It is an action role-playing video game released in 2003 for GameCube by Nintendo. It's an extremely entertaining multiplayer game. The player takes the role of adventurers who go around the world collecting mystical fuel for the crystals. These crystals protect the world's habitats from the vicious Miasma. In single-player mode, the single character carry's the vessel and defend it. Whereas in multiplayer mode, up to four players protect the vessel. 

A toxin Miasma pollutes the planet and is wiping out the all the beings of the earth. The only way to halt Miasma is to counter it with the crystals. These crystals need to be replenished by Myrrh. Each town sends one warrior each year to get the Myrrh. You play the role of the young adventurer. Your life as an adventurer extents over five years where you fight the bosses defeats the enemies and collects drops of Myrrh. Whenever you go on an expedition, a caravan shows on the world map, and with its help, you make decisions whether to enter the dungeon or not and many more. The world is divided into five parts, and you can pass them only by defeating a specific boss.

Game Plot

The story takes place in a fantasy world populated by four races. The player controls a caravan coming from the village of Tipa. Thousand years ago, the Great crystal got shattered by a Metroid which have an alien's life form known as Meteor Parasite. These parasites kill the Miasma, and now it requires renewal which is done by the use of Myrrh. The Tipa caravanners go on a quest across the world to collect Myrrh.

The caravanners reach the home of the Carbuncles who direct them to the source of the Miasma and ask them to kill the Meteor Parasite. The caravanners then engage in a fight with the Meteor Parasite, but the Parasite transports them to an unknown realm. There they meet Mio and Raem: Mio's evil counterpart. Raem attacks the caravanners and then merges with Mio to increase his power before he gets destroyed. Mio and Raem, then separate and disappear, and caravanners come back to Mount Vellenge to kill the wounded Meteor Parasite. The world is free from the virus and allows the four tribes to build the civilisation again.

Best Emulator for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

You will require a GameCube emulator to play this game on your device. An emulator allows any device to emulate a video game console hardware and you can play it on any platform. For windows, you can use WhineCube and SuperGcube. If you are on Mac and Android, then you can go for Dolphin as it's an open-source program and can run on any platform.

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